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We are health coaches, who are brave enough to disrupt diet stereotypes. It’s all a bunch of B.S. to eat with a calculator, carry food containers around, do exhausting workouts, or drink magic all-in-one shakes.

We firmly believe that excess weight and lack of motivation are the symptoms, not the main issue. We won’t coach you on how to diet, but how to reset the body to “factory settings” and help you become strong as you are meant to be.

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For 7 years of coaching, we’ve helped over 3 000 people to lose weight, become healthier and feel better. Let's fight conventional dogma together and find the best way to health and happiness for you.

Welcome from The Rebels founder

Hi, I'm Olena Islamkina, the founder of The Rebels Diet. Honestly, I don't really like the definition"diet" because The Rebels is not about calories or workouts. 

I hate dieting since I tried it at school. Girls should dream about BTS, (in my case it should have been NSYNC), not about the "ideal body".

When I grew up, I became an editor in ELLE Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Guilty: this was I, who forced women to diet, practice "consistent workouts", detox, and all this B.S., that makes us just spend time and money, trying to catch up some perfect image in the health trade. And as many of us, one day I found myself tired. Always so tired. Demotivated, weak, with dull face and acne, stomach ache and allergy, migraine and joints pain. At the age of 30!

The keto diet was the first step to my healing. It helped me to get rid of dieting lies and fake practices. 

The Rebels Diet is based on keto, but it's much more than meal plans. It's about living your full life, enjoying, having fun, and spending time with friends and family - not in the kitchen trying to cook something healthy (but uneatable), or at a gym dreaming just to die now.

Excess weight and lack of motivation are not the issues, they are the symptoms of today's way of living and thinking. The Rebels Diet is a community for those, who want to live long and think fast. And doesn't accept a compromise. 

Olena, Founder of the Rebels Diet, Zoe's Mom, The Smartest Guy's Wife, Science Journalist, Health Coach, Writer, Feminist, Dog Lover, Gourmet, Avid Reader

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